Saptarishi Kund

Saptarishi Kund is the glacial lake which is located at an altitude of 4421 meters, is regarded as the origin of Yamuna River. It is also known as Champasar Glacier. It has about half a kilometer diameter, filled with murky bluish waters, pebbly banks and the rare display of Brahma-Kamal (Brahama lotus), Saptarshi Kund beholds delightful scenery. It is situated in Kalind Parvat. It is further 1 km uphill from the shrine and the trek is extremely difficult. Before you venture your trip to Saptarsi Kund, it is necessary that you should familiarize with the climatic conditions of this region by staying a day at Yamunotri. This is the source of Yamuna but being a little difficult to access, few people go there and most offer their prayers in the temple itself. A twelve kilometer difficult trek route will take you to Saptrishi kund. A natural glacial kund, the trek upto Saptrishi kund eases out around the base of Kalinda parvat. Trip to Saptrishi Kund requires you to be acclimatized for at least one day at Yamunotri and a guide to take you

Hanuman Chatti

It is located at the confluence of River Hanuman Ganga and Yamuna and is about 13 km before the actual shrine and the base camp of Yamunotri trek and at the height of 2519m from sea level. Hanuman Chatti is the starting point of both Yamunotri and Dodital Trek (at 3,307 m of altitude). It takes about five to six hours of trek to Yamunotri shrine from Hanuman Chatti. But, the difficulty of the trek is sent into oblivion by the beautiful scenic background and fresh mountain air. Couple of years back people used to walk from Hanuman Chatti which is about 13 Kms from Yamnotri. Now Janki chatti is last motrable spot, which is about 6 kms from Yamnotri

Janki Chatti

It is in the middle of the Yamunotri Trek from Hanuman Chatti Merely 7 kilometers away from Yamunotri, Janki Chatti is worth a visit. It is accessible through jeeps. This place is famous for its natural thermal springs. Moreover, surrounded by mountains from all sides, Janki Chatti is also known for cosseting the virgin splendor of nature.

Surya Kund

Located near the holy shrine of Yamunotri, Surya Kund is a most important natural hot water spring, the water of which is rushing out of the mountain cavities. The temperature of this spring is around 1900°F880 degree Celsius approximately). This temperature is quite sufficient to cook food within minutes. Pilgrims dip rice in it for cooking and take it away as holy ‘prasad’. The water of this thermal spring is used to make prasad of the main temple.

Divya Shila

Situated close quarters to Surya Kund and Yamunotri temple is Divya shila. This rock pillar is required to be worshipped first prior to making an entry inside the temple of Yamunotri. It is deemed that this rock pillar is the idol of the deity and devotees need to bow their head down here first. This pillar stands at a height of 3000 height.


Kharsali at a distance of 1 km from Yamunotri is the small village of Kharsali. This place is also known as Khushimath. It is not only the winter seat of Ma Yamuna but there is a oldest temple of Lord Shani Dev .This temple is very old constructed of stone and wood without using the mortar to fix the two stone slabs together, an old inscription on a stone slab is in a language which is yet to be translated by the Archaeological Survey of India.